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Low-Cost Pool Filters

The temptation to get wet or take a dip in water knows no age limits. Water is as appealing to older people as it is to the younger ones. The excitement and adventure of playing and swimming in the water is everlasting. Everyone wants to have a nice and clean swimming pool at home but the selection of low-cost pool filters remain a major problem for maintaining the swimming pools.

Having a swimming pool in the garden of your home can help you to take a dip in the swimming pool anytime you please. You can also have some real fun with the rest of your family in the fresh and calming cuddle of its crystal clear water. You can also arrange parties for your friends on the poolside and you do not have to leave your house even.

But the same swimming pool can become a nightmare if you do not choose the right low-cost pool filters and you let your pool become dirty and polluted. The selection of low-cost pool filters is the most essential aspect of having a nice and clean swimming pool in your home. Most of the filters available in the market are very expensive and can cost you a fortune just to maintain your swimming pool.

Most of the people who have swimming pools in their homes do not have adequate knowledge about the low-cost pool filters. They remain dependent upon the sales persons at the nearby swimming pool supplies store. Instead of providing the right information about the low-cost pool filters, these sales representatives are more likely to sell expensive pool filters in order to increase their sales. Obviously they are more concerned about their flourishing business than your pocket.

In order to maintain your home swimming pool, you have to educate yourself about the basic knowledge of low-cost pool filters. You have to understand the working of these low-cost pool filters in order to make a better decision to buy the suitable low-cost pool filters for your swimming pool. Basically there are three main types of low-cost pool filters for the swimming pools. These types include the cartridge filters, sand filters and diatomaceous earth filters.

All three of these kinds of low-cost pool filters do a wonderful job in purifying and cleaning the water in your swimming pool, however there are various advantages and disadvantages of each type. You must know these attributes in order to be able to make your best decision.

The first type of low-cost pool filters is known as cartridge filters. These are in fact the easiest to comprehend and employ. They work on the same principle as that of the oil filter in your car. The unclean water enters into the cartridge filter from one side, passes through the filter material, deposits the dirt or filth on the material and then goes back to the swimming pool. The material in this type of filters is required to be changed after some time. The filter material in some of these cartridges must be cleaned after a few weeks however; some of the filter materials can be reused after cleaning them once or twice in one season.

Second type of low-cost pool filters are the sand filters. As the name depicts, in such filters the water from the swimming pool is passed through a layer of sand which filters out the impurities from the water. The water from the pool enters the sand filter from one side and exits from the other side after being filtered. The disadvantage of such a filter is that it requires frequent cleaning by the owner. It often requires cleaning and backwashing after every couple of weeks to remove the waste.

The third kind of low-cost pool filters are diatomaceous earth filters. These are considered to be the best water polishers of all the filters and keep the water crystal clear in your swimming pool. It is capable of filtering out debris as tiny as 5 microns from the water. It also requires frequent cleaning like the sand filters. You can remove the old diatomaceous earth and apply the fresh earth to your filter yourself through the pool skimmer.

In short we can conclude that cartridge filters are the low-cost pool filters which require minimum maintenance. Sand filters are more reliable and long-lasting filters where as diatomaceous earth filters provide the cleanest possible water. By going through these details you should be able to decide which low-cost pool filters are best suited for your swimming pool.

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